Designed for a Challenge – New Product Line from Dow India Helps Industrial Users Maximize Water Recovery and Minimize Waste

TIRUPPUR - October 18, 2016 - Cost of water on the front end and discharge fees on the other end are squeezing industrial water users. Increasing water efficiency is a clear solution but facilities reusing and recycling must now treat water that is more challenging and hence more expensive to treat. To help tackle these challenges in the market, Dow Water & Process Solutions (DWPS), a business unit of Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. (Dow India), is introducing its new DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ product line to its reverse osmosis and nanofiltration portfolio.

The DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ product line is designed for a challenge, offering industrial users a reliable and affordable option to help solve their most challenging water needs. The product line is expected to help water-strained industries such as textile and power comply with evolving regulatory standards regarding liquid discharge, while also generating purified water for reuse.

“The FILMTEC technology is known for its industry-leading reliability, exceptional cleanability and robust membrane. The new FORTILIFE family combines the benefits of our FILMTEC technology with key advancements to help tackle the most challenging waters and applications,” said Sharad Gollerkari, business unit head for Dow Water & Process Solutions India, “With the new product line, customers can expect to reduce water costs, achieve sustainability goals, minimize fouling problems and move toward minimal liquid discharge (MLD).”

The product line consists of four new products helping meet customer needs in challenging waters across various markets such as fossil power generation, chemical & petrochemical, steel & metal and textiles. The products include:

  • DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ CR100 Element: engineered specifically for plants where biofouling is a problem. The element offers reduced cleanings up to 50%, improved cleaning results and up to 10% lower energy costs.
  • DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ XC70, XC80 and XC-N Elements: offering advantages for plants looking to reduce costly concentrate waste, lower operating expenses and achieve MLD goals. Among the many advantages, these products will help maximize water recovery in MLD related applications and minimize daily operational expense.

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