Helping Manufacturers Grow and Be More Sustainable

Our innovations are found in a wide variety of industrial settings, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to metalworking.


Discover the ways in which Dow India innovations are creating an impact on industrial manufacturers across segments


We have helped in the manufacturing of the global goods and services with additive solutions that:

  • Minimize friction and heat in mechanical processes
  • Manage the oil and water interface
  • Deliver active ingredients for maximum effectiveness
  • Facilitate dissolvability
  • Enable product authentication

Dow India has innovative solutions for the sustainable use of solvents in high quality metal cleaning and dry cleaning applications. In addition, Dow India has developed ingredients for cleaning products used in institutional environments.

Our innovations have extended into the pharmaceutical industry with solutions that help in the manufacture of medicine.

In addition, in many industries water is integral to the manufacturing process. Dow India plays a critical role in producing the pure water that enable these operations while helping to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.

We create a wide range of innovative and sustainable products for the industrial markets