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A solution isn’t a solution if it isn’t sustainable. We are connecting and collaborating to find new options for materials that make life better for everyone.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Dow India goes much beyond community projects – being a responsible corporate citizen and protecting the environment is an inherent part of the sustainability ethos at Dow India, touching every aspect of our business and presence in the sub-region. Every initiative under the ambit of Corporate Social Responsibility at Dow India is strategically aligned to the tenets of our larger CSR philosophy and effectively utilizes not only the monetary contribution, but also our material, technology and employee volunteerism.

Key tenets of Dow India CSR Philosophy:

Jaipur Foot: Since 2005, Dow India has collaborated with the NGO Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayta Samiti (BMVSS) to support people with disabilities. In partnership with Pinnacle Industries and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Dow India developed and delivered an artificial foot that was more robust, light weight and flexible. Around 20,000 limbs are offered free of cost every year through this arrangement and over 700 Dow volunteers have engaged with this project till date.

Multiply the Message: Dow India is committed to improve environmental education in schools. Dow India has partnered with Trailblazers in the conceptualization and implementation of this initiative, where teachers are given means to communicate environmental terms and concepts through hands-on activities.

Habitat for Humanity: As a partner to Habitat for Humanity, Dow India helps build affordable homes in rural communities since 2006. In line with our global commitment, the projects leverage Dow products and technologies as well as sweat equity in the form of volunteer support from Dow employees. Dow India has directly aided Habitat for Humanity in funding over 250 homes across rural, under privileged sections in India.

Dow-Agastya Mobile Science Lab: In collaboration with NGO partner Agastya, in 2015 Dow India launched the initiative of mobile science lab with easy, affordable scientific models and experiments aimed to help children understand and apply basic concepts of science, while piquing their curiosity and logical thought. The Mobile Science Lab aims to reach schools without access to a science lab, in rural, remote or underprivileged areas and impact over 10,000 children in the age group of 6-15 years every year.

Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

2025 Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is crucial for the future of our planet. We want to help lead the transition to a more sustainable society. The third stage of our sustainability journey is underway with these ambitious goals for 2025. Along with our like-minded partners and collaborators, we are committed to advancing the well-being of humanity.
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Leading the Blueprint

We will help lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society, including the development of societal blueprints that integrate public policy solution, science and technology, and value chain innovation.

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Advancing a Circular Economy

We will advance a circular economy by delivering solutions that close the resource loops in key markets.

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Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet

We envision a future where every material we bring to market is sustainable for our people and our planet.

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World-Leading Operations Performance

We will maintain world-leading operations performance in natural resource efficiency, environment, health, and safety.

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Delivering Breakthrough Innovations

We will deliver breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations that enhance the well-being of humanity.

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Valuing Nature

We apply a business-decision process that values nature, which will deliver business value and natural capital value. We are committed to projects that are good for the company—and better for ecosystems.

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Engaging for Impact: Communities, Employees, Customers

Our people worldwide will directly apply their passion and expertise to advance the well-being of people and the planet.