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Dow Polyurethanes Business Set to Expand Manufacturing Base in India and Bring Latest Innovations Designed for Indian Market

Mar 05 2017
As consumer durables, infrastructure and automotive segments in India see strong growth in demand, the markets are expanding at an unprecedented rate through the value chain for all relevant products.

Designed for a Challenge – New Product Line from Dow India Helps Industrial Users Maximize Water Recovery and Minimize Waste

Oct 18 2016
Cost of water on the front end and discharge fees on the other end are squeezing industrial water users.

Towards India’s Sustainable Future: Dow India Launches PE-PE Monomaterial Packaging Solution

Aug 22 2016
Currently, what is it that deters effective recycling and reuse of the flexible packaging that packs products, such as salt, flour, detergent and many other food products? It is a fact that this packaging uses multiple materials that are incompatible while recycling, thus impacting quality of recycled material. What would make the whole plastic waste management and recycling effort much more meaningful and economical is adoption of packaging using monomaterial to design a sustainable solution – an all-Polyethylene (PE) laminate. This enables us to make film that does not impact packaging quality or performance, but generates completely reusable material upon recycling.

Dow India brings quality benchmark to crop-nutrition; launches NUTRIBUILD™

Aug 04 2016
Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. (Dow India) has launched its new product for soil enrichment, NUTRIBUILD™, today. NUTRIBUILD™ will be available as a chelated fertilizer mix for Standard Micronutrients as well as non-Chelated Silicon micronutrient in Maharashtra, starting today.

Dow Water and Process Solutions Launches Breakthrough Technology for Water Treatment in India

Jul 20 2016
Dow Water & Process Solutions India (DW&PS), a business unit of Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. (Dow India), has debuted the IntegraFlux™ UltraFiltration Modules, an award-winning product featuring the technology breakthrough XP Fiber in India.
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